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Serfas MP-2N1 2-in-1 Mini Pump

Serfas MP-2N1 2-in-1 Mini Pump
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Product Code :SER-ACC10-102725
Brand :Serfas
List Price :$29.99
Call For Availability 305.661.8363

Product Description

The versatile Serfas MP-2N1 2-in-1 Mini Pump can be used to pump up your tires or your shock. It uses a dual action motion to make it easy to pump in higher volumes or higher pressures. An anodized bleeder valve allows you to finely tune your pressure while reading the gauge.

Product Features

  • Features:
    • Shock & Tire Pump
    • Alloy Construction
    • Oversize Gauge For Easy Visibility
    • Twist Mode Function Selector
    • Air Release Button For Fine Tuning Pressure
  • Specs:
    • Capacity: 300 PSI
    • Length: Open: 12 1/2″ Closed: 8 1/2″
    • Weight: 197 Grams

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