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Look X-Track Race MTB Pedal

Look X-Track Race MTB Pedal
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Product Code :LOO-PED-XTRACK
Brand :Look
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Product Description


A clipless MTB pedal must respond to a multitude of different situations. External conditions may vary considerably and interfere with pedal operation. It is not enough to make a product that is excellent in one specific area. Instead, it is necessary to design it to be as versatile as possible to provide its user with a real advantage regardless of any external obstacles encountered. Following this logic, LOOK has chosen to concentrate on the interaction of three major factors, contact surface, weight and entry/release, to develop the perfect pedal, the Look X-Track Race MTB pedal.

Product Features

  • Optimal Contact Surface - 515 mm2 + 12 % vs S-TRACK
  • Mechanism Geometry - The mechanism works regardless of external conditions (in the mud, forces are significantly different from those encountered when dry), more space allows for the shedding of various foreign matter (mud, sand...). These zones give the user a constant and stable feeling of being securely clipped in, in all conditions.
  • Adjustable Tension - An adjustable tension screw allows you to fine-tune the entry / release resistance to your personal skill level.
  • SPD Compatible - Two cleat models are available for the X-TRACK RACE and X-TRACK EN-RAGE range. The X-TRACK CLEAT is a standard version which allows a standard lateral clip out. The X-TRACK EASY CLEAT offers a larger clip out range with a lateral and angled release possibilities. By choosing the right cleat you can adapt your pedal performance to your needs and practice.


  • Spindle material - Chromoly +
  • Technology - X-Track
  • Body Material - Composite
  • Platform Area - 515 mm²
  • Platform Width - 50mmRetention - 5 to 14
  • Cleats - Standard cleat included ( easy cleat available separately)
  • Weight - 415grams (weight of pair of pedals and cleats)
  • Stack Height - 16.8mm 

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