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Goodr Major Tom's Space Odditea Sunglasses

Goodr Major Tom's Space Odditea Sunglasses
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Product Code :BFG-CL-PR1
Brand :Goodr
List Price :$34.99
Call For Availability 305.661.8363

Product Description

With wider frames, longer arms, and bigger lenses than the Goodr OGs, the Goodr Major Tom’s Space Odditea sunglasses are designed to complement and fit runners with larger melons or those looking for more coverage.


Paying our Respects

There are two things we will never pass up here at Goodr: a good pun and a chance to pay homage to one of the greatest humans ever, David Bowie. The Major Tom's Space Odditea sunglasses have a clear frame and purple lenses that work together in a grammatically delicious way.

Product Features

  • No slip – Goodr uses enhanced silicon inserts with special grip coating to help eliminate slippage when sweating.
  • No bounce – The Goodr frame is snug and light-weight, with a comfortable fit to prevent bouncing while running.
  • All polarized - Glare-reducing, polarized lenses and UV400 protection that blocks 100% of those harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • Gradient Lenses - Lenses that are dark up top and light on bottom protect your eyes without losing the ability to view hazards in the shadows.
  • 100% Guarantee against Demogorgon attacks. *Guarantee not applicable for any runs taking place in the Upside Down.


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