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XLAB Delta Sonic XL

XLAB Delta Sonic XL
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Product Code :205
Brand :XLAB
List Price :$134.95
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Product Description

The only single bottle carrier compatible with 10mm horizontal hole seatposts! Strong and sturdy mount eliminates rear carrier sway GORILLA XT CAGE has a tight 14lb grip on bottles eliminating unexpected launches. Very adjustable with up to 1.25" of adjustment to ensure carrier sits close to the saddle. Carry your repair with the optional MULTI-STRIKE REPAIR HOLDER

Product Features

  • Includes DELTA SONIC Rod GORILLA XT CAGE All hardware and installation instructions Material Rod: Stainless Steel.
  • Cage: Carbon Fiber.
  • Weight Rod 92 grams, Cage 49 grams. Total 141 grams.
  • Warranty Rod: 3 Year Warranty.
  • Cage: Lifetime Warranty.

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